About us

Nick Spatoulas is the founder of Private taxi Corfu and has a stellar reputation for providing high quality services.

Born and raised in Corfu, Nick is a family man and has a huge experience in driving since after he served his 2 years duty as a driver in the greek  army he became a driver in tour agency’s coaches doing tours for ten years around corfu and Greece.

At his 30s he decided to own his first  taxi a profession that he holds for 25 years now!

His love of Corfu hasled him to discover the most unique parts of the island. He speaks English fluently, German and Italian, and has a wide knowledge of the islands historic sites; therefore he can deliver a tailor-made tour suitable to fulfill every client’s need. He believes that people who visit Corfu should be able to explore the islands nature, history and culture. Private Taxi Corfu specializes in introducing visitors to the life of the locals, in a rich and colorful way trough crystal clear beaches, traditional villages and Archaeological sites. Nick’s  love and enthusiasm towards Corfu and also his famous humor can be seen in every step of the tours he provides.